Golf Clubs/Members Only Service-  The golf shop offers a service for members to sell their used clubs.  Members can bring in clubs they wish to sell for a 20% commission fee.

New Clubs- New for 2105!!  The golf shop will offer a new program with Tour Edge providing excellent price points for Piney Point members.  Please inquire with Dave on any other needs with most major companies.  Most quotes will be extremely competitive with some prices being 5% to 10% lower.

Golf Ball Program- Look for special promotions for members only during the year.  Titleist has a buy 3 & get one free promotion in the spring which can include your name or favorite lettering. 

Gloves- Purchase two gloves and save $5.00!

Shirts- Purchase two shirts and save close to $10.00!

Shoes- Offer both Adidas and Foot Joy for the 2015 season.

Golf Shop Hours

Open Weekdays - 8am to Closing varies to time of the year
Open Weekends - 7:30am to Closing varies to time of the year

"Most golfers prepare for disaster. A good golfer prepares for success." - Bob Toski

Call 704-474-3985 today for more information.

Club Fitting 101

*Have you ever been fitted for a set of irons, driver, or a putter?

1. Static Measurements -Your height and other measurements are used to calculate a starting point.

2. Dynamic Swing Test - A fitter evaluates how your stance and swing affect the position of the clubhead at impact.

3. Ball Flight Observation - Your ball flight tendencies and preferences are important factors in determining the final specifications.

4. Monitor Performance - Since your swing changes over time, periodic evaluations can help keep you playing to your full potential.


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